Our technology remains unaffected by temperature variations and does not rely on chemicals or solvents, setting it apart from other technologies available in the market. Furthermore, the water generated by our water generation module can be converted into various forms, including:

The pure water generated from our technology meets or exceeds the quality that the hydrogen generation electrolysis process requires. Therefore, our technology can provide unlimited supply of pure water for generating hydrogen where water accessibility is limited, and biogas or natural gas are already available. This can reduce the stress on local water resources and eliminate the need for usually costly and energy intensive water purification process.

The benefits of our integrated sustainability projects:

  • Power and water generation where it’s needed.
  • Supporting decentralized growth of countries
  • Significantly lower carbon emission footprint in compare with conventional solutions
  • Substantial lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Increased reliability and improved resiliency
  • Scalable solution capable of meeting large demands
  • No need for transmitting power or transporting water to remote places.
  • Self-sufficient system with no negative impact on existing infrastructures
  • Cost effective and adaptable transition to low carbon power and water generation.
  • Robust system designed and manufactured in US and Canada

Please contact info@climate-assist.com for more information regarding our technology and potential partnership opportunities.